Why "Biblical Sense?"

When thinking about what domain name to get, what moniker I wanted to hang on this thing, I went through a lot of different choices. Some obscure, some humorous, some too plain, or too complicated, and of lot of them just plain already taken. So why “Biblical Sense?”

There’s so much in this world that doesn’t seem to make sense to me these days. So much of our once proud culture has been worn down, broken down, co-opted, wishy-washied, corrupted or re-branded. All in the name of “progress.” Change. Diversity. Tolerance. Whatever the catch phrase of the week happens to be.

And swirling through the big middle of it all is the steady decline of our collective moral fiber, a tarnishing of our souls seen nowhere more clearly than in the arena of our sexuality. Sex pervades the newstands, the book racks, the movie theaters, and our television shows. It’s everywhere, and it’s glamorized and glorified. Sex has become dating. It’s just assumed by so many of today’s young people that sex is an inevitable part of dating, and the sooner the better.

This isn’t the way God intended it.

I think one of the biggest reasons behind why this is happening is that the “post-modern” church, its body, its preachers/teachers/leaders, are all about trying to conform the Bible to the culture, instead of the other way around. The Bible becomes an after-thought, a selection of favored quotes, quips and anecdotes to fill in the gaps in their self-help sermons.

Biblical literacy is plummeting, and there are entire church denominations and “emergent” movements looking to re-interpret God’s Holy Word in light of this cultural cataclysm, trying too hard be “relevant” to a world gone crazy. Problem is, if you are following the crowd, you’re not leading it. If you are chasing after the culture, you have to go where IT leads YOU, and it should be the other way around. The Church should be a source of strength and solidity, a refuge in this storm of moral confusion. Should be, but too often isn’t.

As Believers, we are called to hold everything up to the lens of the Scriptures. The Bible is our rock, our unchanging references, immutable and eternal; the very words of God from the mouths of His servants. We need to know what it says. Why it says what it says. We need to know and understand and evaluate everything in a Biblical sense.

This term has, over time, taken on a sexual connotation.

“Now Adam knew Eve his wife, and she conceived and bore Cain” Gen 4:1 (ESV).

It’s now become almost a tongue-in-cheek expression, a careful euphemism for sex. “Oh man, I want to know her, in the biblical sense.”

What has gotten squeezed, filtered and scrubbed out of our concept of sexual relationships over time is the idea that to join together with a man or woman in the act of sexual union is absolutely the most intimate way to “know” another person. It should be a time of joining, of union, almost a sacrament between two people whom God has brought together in His name, an anointed and precious act meant to be shared with one person and one person only: the person you’ve sworn before God in the form of marriage vows to spend the rest of your life with.

These days it’s become just another way to pass the time. A toy we play with when we’re bored. Kids in school have oral sex in the classroom and send “sext” message to each other on their cell phones. Way too much, way too early.

We’ve got to try and make sense of all this. Biblical sense. We know all about sex, but almost nothing about intimacy. God’s Word calls us to be intimate with Him. That’s why I want to take back this term. People should know God, in a Biblical sense. Not in the watered-down, candy-coated, fly-by-night way so many are getting Him these days in seeker-friendly churches who want to love people to death. Too loving to preach the truth, too caring to force hard decisions, to inclusive to use terms like good and bad, sin and sanctification.

God cries out for us to know Him, to read, and to KNOW His Word. To evaluate everything in our lives through the lens of scripture. To turn away from the false intimacy of sexual sin and idolatry, and embrace Him, to know him more intimately than we know anything else or anyone else in our lives.

That why the name. It’s what I hope to do with my posts here: help people come to better know and understand God (and themselves), in a Biblical sense.

~Steve Berven

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