The “Right” Kind of Woman is Wrong?

So, so far what I’ve learned from the Progressive Left about Supreme Court nominees:-

  • Being a strong, Christian woman who has successfully balanced family life and a law career…should disqualifies you from being a Supreme Court justice.-
  • That you are only a “real” woman if you support abortion on demand.- That adopting a foreign born baby who doesn’t have your same skin color makes you a “colonialist.”
  • That a conservative majority on the Supreme Court is Bad and Dangerous, but a progressive majority is Good and Hopeful, because apparently only progressives can interpret the law the “right way.”
  • Progressives want to empower women…as long as they hold the right political views.

Now, I realize that it’s always the worst of the worst that gets the most press, retweets, and screen captures, but these thoughts are really out there. Hard left progs really are saying these things.

More and more there seems to be this quest for ideological purity. Even though there isn’t supposed to be a “religious test” for office, there more and more appears to be – except that now it’s an “anti-religious” test.

At what point did we get to the place in this country that being a strong Christian became a political liability? I mean, think about that. What was once see an a foundation of a strong, moral society has become anathema to the a large portion of one of the major political parties in this country?

No one on the right is arguing for a state religion, merely that we govern from a place of foundational morality that puts the rule of law above the caprice of emotions, and that maybe ending a human life before it has a chance to start is not an inalienable right endowed to us by our Creator and enshrined in the Constitution.

I believe we need a balance of viewoints on the Supreme Court. But our Judges are not our politicians. They are not elected to reflect and represent our social will. The are appointed to interpret, define and apply our laws, not based on the latest passing imperatives of “social justice,” but on whether or not the case before them reflects or rejects established Constitutional law.

The fact that we are so worried about whether a “liberal” or “conservative” judge will be appointed reflects, more than anything, a fundamental and deeply disturbing shift in our understanding (or lack thereof) of the role of the Supreme Court in our Judicial System.

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