An Unintentional Hiatus

Well, clearly I’ve had a variety of pushy and demanding distractions hammering at me, like one of those officious busy-bodies in the checkout line who huffs and puffs and elbows her way into the middle of things until you PAY ATTENTION TO HER!


So, now, despite an every-increasingly busy schedule, I am trying, TRYING to find make time to clack away at a few keys and see where the Spirit leads me.  And by “leads me,”  I mean, upon which areas of my life will the Spirit be focusing His inescapable spotlight of attention, thereby bringing me into the kind of awareness (and hopefully repentance) such that I can share these lessons with you.  Regardless of how humbling or deprecating they may be.

Cuz, it’s what I do.

Coming soon, A Patchwork Penitience will be getting it’s own domain!  Stay tuned for updates.

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